About Sahid Group

Sahid Group is an Indonesian-based group headquartered in Jakarta with active interests in hospitality, healthcare, media, textile manufacturing, and education. Founded in 1953, Sahid Group had its humble beginnings as a printing company. It has since flourished into a leading and respected name in Indonesian tourism, hospitality, property development, and management.

Our History


Sukamdani Sahid Gitosarjono 25, and his wife Juliah, 19, start a small printing business with two secondhand old printing presses in their small, rented house on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman 86, Jakarta


The printing business has become a success and is followed by the establishment of C.V. Masyarakat Baru, a company which became the first pillar of Sahid Group


PT Sahid Trading & Industrial Co is established and conducts business in areas such as printing, publishing, hotel and travel industry, general trade and dispensary.


 Sahid Jaya Solo, the first hotel owned by Sahid Group was opened in Solo in 1965


Sahid Group was established in Jakarta on May 23, 1969 with aims to operate a core business in the hospitality sector  


PT New Sahid Builders is established to conduct construction work and maintenance on buildings. The company in cooperation with the Surakarta Municipality and PNPP, developed Pasar Klewer, the national textile market, which was inaugurated by President Soeharto on June 9, 1971.


Grand Sahid Jaya Officially started its operation on March 23, 1974, providing 439 rooms and meeting rooms, restaurants, office spaces, shopping arcade


The Sahid Jaya Welfare, Education, and Social Foundation founded.


Sahid Detoline Textile (Sadetex) was established, the holding company of a textile factory in Cimanggis manufacturing linen goods, including bed sheets, bed spreads, towels, tablecloths and napery to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and airlines. The factory was inaugurated on September 9, 1983. 


PT Jurnalindo Aksara Grafika was established by some prominent businessmen from Sahid Group, Salim Group, Jaya Group and other stock holders to publish an economic daily newspaper Harian Bisnis Indonesia (now known as Bisnis.com)


On December 22, 1986, the Company’s shareholders began to construct an extension building as a development for the existing hotel, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel was able to provide 781 rooms later on. 



Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel raises its status as a five-star hotel



On 14 March 1988, USAHID was first established, which was developed from Sahid’s Academy of Hotel and Tourism



Sahid Group opened Hotel Sahid Manado in Manado and also establishes PT Sahid Toraja International to build a cottage style hotel in Tana Toraja named Hotel Sahid Toraja



The Sahid Jaya Foundation cooperation with Yayasan Karya Bhakti Ria Pembangunan develop the Sahid High School of Tourism Industry (SMIP), with objective of producing low-level employees for tourism enterprises. The foundation also opened the Sahid Institute of English Language, Etiquette and Protocol


PT Sahid Surabaya Propertindo is established to conduct business in the real estate sector



PT Sahid International Hotel Management and Consultant (SIHMC) is established to operate, manage, and provide advice to hotels owned by Sahid Group as well as those owned by other companies


On September 26, 1997, PT HSJI obtained an effective statement from OJK to conduct Limited Public Offering with preemptive rights



Sahid Group alongside with Pikko Group and Tan Kien Group opened Sahid Sudirman Center, a 56 story office tower that was the 5th tallest building in Indonesia at the time



Sahid Hotel Management expanded its portfolio by managing Hotel Sahid Morotai, a 3 star hotel with a total capacity of 60 rooms. Morotai is well-known for its pristine diving spot, and often labeled as the “maldives” of Indonesia. 



As of 2020, Sahid Group owns, operate and/or manages a significant portfolio of property assets, including hotels, apartments, condotels, office tower, shopping mall, universities and schools across the archipelago


To become a leading company in tourism, hospitality, commercial real estate, education, and business media that nurture creativity, innovation, and growth while preserving cultural traditions.


We seek to achieve our vision by continuously improving our product quality and the skills of our human resources to maximize customer satisfaction across various business divisions.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values are based on the Javanese leadership philosophy of Hasta Brata, which comprises eight pillars: Earth, Ocean, Fire, Moon, Mountain, Wind, Sun, and Water. We aim to preserve these corporate values in the modern era as we strive to deliver excellent customer service to all our business divisions.

Earth – Social Responsibility

Highly concerned to the surrounding community, and actively giving back to those who are in need.

Ocean – Empathy

Show empathy and kindness to create a positive working environment for everyone.


Fire – Decisive

Uphold integrity and decisiveness in the decision-making process for all business units under the group


Moon – Customer Focused

Always ensure that customers receive comfort when using our products/services.

Mountain – Resilient

Becoming strong and resilient to withstand new challenges in the industry 4.0 era.

Wind – Equality

Always treat everyone in an equal manner regardless of their background.

Sun – Inspiring

Always bring positive energy to encourage, motivate, and inspire whenever possible.


Water – Harmony

Strive to forge harmonious relationships with related stakeholders and focus on creating a mutualistic symbiosis that can benefit one another.



Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono

Founder & Chairman

The late Mr. Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono (1928 – 2017) is the Founder and Chairman of Sahid Group. Starting from a humble printing business in 1953, which grew to be successful. Eventually, Sukamdani expanded his business interest into the hospitality industry by establishing his first hotel in 1965. As his core hotel business grew, Sukamdani diversified Sahid group’s portfolio to other strategic sectors, such as education, media, and textile manufacturing.

Besides achieving success in establishing, Sukamdani’s accolades included becoming the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“KADIN”) from 1982 to 1988 and, being selected as the Chairman of the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 1983 to 1985. Sukamdani was also instrumental in the thawing of the diplomatic relationship between the Republic of Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China which had been frozen since the political upheaval in Indonesia in 1965.

Juliah Sukamdani

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman

The late Mrs. Juliah Sukamdani (1934 – 2020) is the Co-Founder, Vice Chairman of Sahid Group and the wife of Mr. Sukamdani. Juliah has been intimately involved since the humble beginning of the Sahid Group’s founding along with Sukamdani. Additionally, Juliah has also served multiple roles within the Sahid Group in particular overseeing the corporate finance & operations of the various business lines of the Group.